Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Wrap and What's Next?

Smith College ended its season with a tough loss to Wheaton College during the NEWMAC Conference Championships at Mount Holyoke College this past weekend. Despite the loss, the team concluded that there had been much improvement and enjoyment in their tennis during the past two months. Although the team is heading into the off-season, the players and coaches will reunite often for such events as the end-of-the-season dinner party, (wohoo!) Spring Break fundraisers, and community service events. Of course, the team also plans to use the off-season as time to work individually on specific on court-goals (thank you, ball machine!), hit the weight room, and attend Awesome Abs class. With a great fall season behind them, the Smith College tennis team looks forward to continuing to improve over the winter, and return for the spring season faster, fitter, and stronger. GO SMITH TENNIS!