Sunday, April 25, 2010

Smith Tennis Ends With 500 Record For The Year

Smith Tennis finished the year 2009-2010 seasons with a 9-9 record. The last match of the spring season was on Saturday, April 24 at home. The Pioneers came into the match with Simmons with a 3-0 winning streak but could not hold on against the Simmons team losing 3-6 in a long, evenly matched battle. Smith had high hopes entering the last match of the season but Simmons had other ideas. Smith was missing Clair Oblamski, who plays the top doubles position and third singles. Her absence caused the Pioneers to juggle doubles partners and push individuals up in singles. The match started off with Smith picking up two doubles wins early followed by Nikki Anderson decisively winning at 2d singles. The score remained 3-1 for over half the match until Simmons made their move in singles counterpunching their way past the Pioneers. Coach Davis describes this Smith Tennis Team as “cohesive and resilient and continuing to improve. We are a work in progress and with the majority of the team returning in the fall, Smith Tennis will be a major contender in the NEWMAC conference”. For now, what is remaining, is the time to share stories and memories at the traditional athletic banquet and the tennis dinner at Edgar’s house! The team has many fun stories to tell and all agree that this was a successful season for Smith Tennis.