Monday, April 12, 2010

Smith Tennis Posts Two Wins

The Smith Tennis Team came out strong on April 10. The first opponent of the day was conference team, Springfield College. The Pioneers got off to a slower doubles start than usual as The Pride took two of the three doubles matches. The Smith team jumped into the singles with determination and Clair Oblamski and Alanna Dick posted two wins. Jaimi Inskeep split sets but found the key by winning the third set tiebreaker 10-0 (actually 11-0 :D). Maggie Steiner, co-captain, brought in the team win after a long battle that tested Maggie's patience and perserverance.
The Pioneers went on in the afternoon to take on Roger Williams on the Smith courts. The match started indoors as Smith swept the doubles! The singles moved outdoors and was a battle but Clair Oblamski, Maggie Steiner, Rachel Canfora and Nawal Mays all brought in a point for Smith giving the Pioneers a 7-2 victory.