Sunday, October 3, 2010

Smith Tennis earned 54 games against Babson on Sat, Oct 2 but that was not enough to take the Beavers down. Although Smith won at number 2 doubles as well as 2 singles and 6 singles, Babson dominated the match with a 6-3 overall victory.

The number 2 doubles team of Nikki Anderson and Maggie Steiner notched another win in their belts for Smith as they defeated Mercer and Lake 8-3. The hard hitting duo adjusted their style mixing lobs and slices with their big groundstrokes. The combination proved successful.

The outstanding player for Smith on Saturday was Nikki Anderson. She won both her singles and doubles and she did it decisively with penetrating groundstrokes and sharp angles. Nikki was pitted against former high school rival, Rebecca Stone. Nikki rose to the challenge defeating and frustrating Rebecca in straight sets.

Sarah Whitaker backed number one player for Smith, Jaimi Inskeep, into a corner dominating the first set 6-0. Jaimi remained calm and confident and persisted her way into three sets by hitting deep ground strokes and premeditated passing shots. She frustrated her big hitting opponent by anticipating every stroke and moving smoothly and efficiently on the court to counter each attack. In the end; however, Whitaker regained her composure and her strokes to win the match 6-0, 1-6, 6-2.

Eunice Zhao is an all court player who has perfected her counter punching style by getting to every ball and being exceptionally consistent. She was ready for the challenge on Sat winning in a long three set match which was decided by a match breaker.

The exhibition players for Smith made a strong stand with Nawal Mays and Allie Ryan winning at fourth doubles and Julia Signell and Grace McKay-Corkum winning at fifth doubles. Szilvi Kiss earned a hard fought three setter in singles falling to the court in triumph as though she had won the US Open.

Smith continues to player harder and smarter with each match. They will be on the road on Tuesday, Oct 5 against Springfield College.