Sunday, April 22, 2012

Smith battles with Wesleyan 1-8

Smith College Tennis met a hard hitting team on Saturday, April 20 at Middletown, CT.  Wesleyan  University hosted Smith in the senior and final event of the season for the Pioneers.  The Wesleyan team came out of the blocks firing shots hard and fast.  At first it did not appear that Smith could keep up with the pace but on second observation, it was evident that after Smith got used to the pace, they used smart tactics and strategies to neutralize the power and get into the game.  Jaimi Inskeep and Clair Oblamski adjusted their tactics mid-set and in spite of the loss, controlled the match pace starting at the sixth game. The Wesleyan team showed their frustration as the Pioneers slowed the pace, ran down put-aways and placed the balls with premeditated accuracy and began racking up games.  Being able to adjust a bit quicker would have put the Smith number 1 doubles team in the running for the win.  Smith succumbed the number one doubles 4-8.
The number three doubles team of Allie Ryan and Julia Signell were ready to compete from the first point on.  They took an early lead and stayed ahead winning the lone point of the day for Smith.  The two have gained experience through the year, honed their style, communicated exceptionally well and were constantly moving and covering for each other yesterday. Coach Chris Davis commented that, from her perspective, this was their best match together this season.

The Smith team did not fare as well in singles bowing 0-6.  Hightlights did arise as Clair Oblamski took her opponent to three sets.  It seemed that her opponent could do no wrong as she attacked every ball but Clair never gave up often running to adjacent courts to retrieve an overhead and stay in the game.  Bayla Weick held up her reputation of being last on the court, forcing her player to be patient and error free in order to take the second set.  Bayla seldom misses and it becomes necessary for the opponent to hit outright winners in order to take the match.  Jaimi Inskeep, Jordan Dubin and Robyn Cyr were competitive and all earned 4 or more games in their individual singles matches

This was the concluding match for Smith Tennis this spring.  Smith will be graduating four seniors this season and those seniors will be missed.  Check our blog next week for senior highlights!
phottographs courtesy of Deedie Steele