Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Smith Tennis Moves Forward

Although Smith Tennis has yet to notch a victory in match play, no one, even the coach, seems the least bit discouraged. The team is improving and improving and smiling the entire way. Enthusiasm exudes as the team members take on new strategies and skills. The learning curve is enormous this semester and the chemistry is excellent. Thanks to our leading sophomores, the work ethic is strong and all is good on the Smith tennis courts. The highlights of the Babson match on Saturday, September 22 were many. New doubles combinations of Bayla Weick and Haruka Shimoto at number 1 and Jana Chan and Lindsay Roth at number 2 surprised us all as they stood toe to toe with the Babson opponents. Chris said "they played high level doubles using all the skills they had been practicing. The two teams lobbed, poached, and covered the court as though they had been playing together all season. They have not even begun to exploit their talent." The best part is that they left the court with a smile and satisfaction with the way they played and an eagerness to get back out there.

 Bayla Weick, once again, highlighted the singles with her tenacity and endurance. She pushed her opponent, who was recipient of the player of the week honor, to the edge before giving in at 4-6, 4-6. Last player to leave the court, Bayla continues to give her best and to serve as a role model for the team.

 The team will be off this coming weekend as individuals on the team prepare for the ITA tournament at MIT.