Monday, April 22, 2013

Smith Competes in Historic Seven Sisters' Tennis Championship

Buoyed up by quotes from John Wooden, who many think is "the greatest college coach in the history of any sport" *,  Smith Tennis took to the courts on April 13 and 14 in the historic Seven Sisters' Tennis Championship.  The tournament was held at Vassar College and eventually won by Vassar in the five-team round robin event.  
Jinan Martiuk

Fearless, spirited and positive describes those at the heart of the team.  They stepped up to the competition with few excuses.  The Smith Tennis Team made their mark, not by their wins, but by their brave hearts and eager, positive responses to competitive opportunities.  One player, who made her cameo intercollegiate tennis experience in this event, was heard saying following each of her matches:  "That match was so much fun!"

The tournament official commented on how upbeat many of the Smith players were on the court.  "Who would not want to be a part of such a positive team?" commented an opposing assistant coach.

This spirited team is made up of predominantly first years.  Look out because this team knows the meaning of hard work and sees their potential for the future.  Who knows what they will be able to achieve.  The majority certainly gave their best this weekend.

"Success in the peace of mind that is the direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming."  John Wooden

John Wooden was named  the greatest college coach of all time by Sporting News in 2009.  His teams earned 10 NCAA basketball Championships during his reign at UCLA.  "He shared the values and life lessons he passed to his players, emphasizing success that’s about much more than winning."  -TED, IdeasWorthSpreading