Thursday, September 11, 2014

First Home Match Coming Soon

Our first home match will be September 20 on the newly renovated outdoor courts.  We love to brag about our top rated facility!  When the contractor was asked about the quality of the new facility, he said that the courts are better than the US Open courts in Flushing Meadow!  Wow!  Come see for yourself and watch the Smith Tennis Team in action against Wheaton College.  

Smith Tennis is  headed for Babson on Sunday, Sept 14.  The team will being playing at 11am.  Please come and cheer if you are in the Boston area.  In the first match of the season, Smith played Wellesley  at Wellesley on a very hot and sticky day.  We were fortunate to get the match in before the rain but not as fortunate with the results.  Margaret Anne Smith was our star for the day keeping the formidable Wellesley player on the singles court for over two hours, long after all other matches finished.  As both teams lined up to cheer for their player, Margaret Anne stayed strong and showed no sign of letting up physically or mentally throughout the long three set match even when faced with 90 degree weather conditions.  Two points were all that separated Margaret Anne from the win or the loss.  It was exciting and an inspirational start to the fall, 2014 season.