Sunday, September 28, 2014

Smith Participates in the ITA regionals

Members of the Smith College tennis team resumed participation in the ITA regional tournament after a one year hiatus from the event.  The Intercollegiate Tennis Association Regional event represents the best of the best in DIII tennis both regionally and nationally.  Smith sent four members of the squad this year to compete in ITA at Williams College on Friday and Saturday afternoon, Sept 26 and 27.  The weather cooperated and all play was on the exquisite multi-court outdoor tennis complex at Williams.  Kelli Cheung and Jordan Dubin represented The Pioneers in singles and Margaret Anne Smith and Seema Samawi were the Smith doubles representatives. 

Kelli had a fun first match against a talented Babson seed and Kelli loved it.  She was able to stay in with the aggressive player toe to toe for the first few games. She hit many decisive winners but she could not  string enough together to add to the games she earned.   Kelli fell victim to  a Simmons "slicer dicer"  on day 2.   She set up her big forehand weapon time and time again but a few too many unforced errors took her down.  She will be ready for this type of player next time!

After a slow start on Friday, Jordan Dubin played very well in her second match against the number 1 from Simmons. She showed her prowess in shot making and and her competitive side as she moved from aggressive baseliner to all court player. 

Margaret Anne and Seema were able to play consolation singles as well as main draw doubles. Emmay went three sets with her Simmons opponent before succumbing. She is mastering a new strategy and she used it fearlessly in the match.

 Both Emmay and Seema played some solid points against the Brandeis team on Sat. but it was not enough to bring a victory.  Overall, even though scores were weighted to the opponents, there were many positive moments and lots of learning experiences to share with the team.  

A special thanks to Alexandra Steck for supporting the players by coming to the ITA on Saturday!

For all the details of tournament results, see the Smith College athletic page (