Sunday, October 19, 2014

Smith Tennis Ends Fall Season On A Winning Note

Co-Captain,  Jordan Dubin

Smith Tennis culminated their fall season with a series of wins in NEWITT . Smith had a slow start on day 1 of the event with all four doubles teams entered for the Pioneers moving into consolation draws. On day 2 , all turned around and Smith posted 8 individual wins for the Pioneers. Kelli Cheung and Jordan Dubin defeated a Trinity team before having to call their match against Brandeis due to rain. Senior Seema Samawi had a three set "cliff hanger" win over a Trinity player. The team of Margaret Anne Smith and Samantha Peikes were undefeated for Saturday in team play defeating a team from MHC followed by a win over a Trinity team. 

Smith Tennis!  Finish Strong, Finish Together, Encourage One Another, All with Grace!
This year's event was a testimony to Smith's late season commitment to teamwork as all members of the available team were pulled into action. Special acknowledgement goes to Jimin Lee for stepping into doubles last minute with Katie Hazen. Praise and acknowledgement to Poorni Arunachalam for coming at the last hour to pair up with Seema Samawi in Christine Yee's place on day 2 as Christine was rushed to emergency. All
Kelli Cheung
survived. Christine has recovered and Smith defined the word "teamwork" by showing what it means to be there for each other. That support was key to their Saturday successes.

The historic NEWITT has taken on many forms over the years but the value of the event and dedication of the coaches who serve as tournament directors has remained strong. The Williams College coach, Alison Swain, and the MIT coach, Carol Matsuzaki, were the co-directors this year as Smith, Mount Holyoke and Amherst were the tournament sites.   64 doubles teams representing 17 schools made up the draws. Each doubles team competed against their opponents in both singles and doubles. The intricate yet efficient format provided ultimate play for all schools . 

The winners of the event were:
Williams:  A flight 
Williams:  B flight 
Babson:   C flight 
Simmons: D flight