Sunday, May 22, 2016

Reunion Reunion....Smith Tennis of course!

Jen Beindorf Baily, Jen Monachino Lapey, Chris Davis, Mary Dickinson, Dana Strickland, Mandy Klaas
There was a wonderful joyous celebration on Saturday afternoon, May 21, at the Smith College outdoor tennis courts.  The day of second reunion began with the traditional alumnae parade and state of the college address by Kathy McCartney (Smith President)  on center campus followed by an athletic reception.  The highlight of the day, for tennis players,  took place at 3pm on the Smith College outdoor courts.  Six former team members spanning from 1981 through 2016 participated in the fun tennis event.  The Smith College 1991 Tennis Team was one of the best for Smith with the players earning a national ranking of seventh.  The top doubles team from that year consisted of Jennifer Beindorf and Jen Monachino.  Although each now reside in different parts of the country (Florida and NY respectively) and are busy in work and with raising a family,  they have managed to carve out important tennis time.  The two arrived to campus for the festivities with a stronger tennis game then when they graduated.  Their priority, among all the reunion activities offered, was tennis and so we formed an eclectic group of alums, current players and members of the Smith and Northampton tennis community.  All took to the courts that Saturday afternoon with Jen and Jen upholding their reputation. They defeated anyone assigned to play them and they played with determination and decisiveness .  There was much reminiscing as the two sparked stories and memories.   Other tennis alums, who played on Saturday, included Mary Dickinson ('81).  Mary always entertains her audience with remarkable stories of her life experiences.  Mandy Klaas ('00) was able to make the pilgrimage and showed her volley poaching aggressiveness has not diminished over the years.  Dana Strickland ('91) was also a member of the nationally ranked team of 1990-1991.  Dana was spotted in several pictures from past years and has remained a classy and

Jen and Jen;  they just keep getting better on the tennis court!
gracious competitor. Lisa Black and Nawal Mays were spotted in the parade but they were not able to participate in the tennis.  A special thanks goes out to Leigh Johnston who represented our current team and served as the student coordinator for the class of 1981.
Tennis alumnae and community support