Thursday, September 29, 2016

Smith Tangles With MIT With 1-8 Result

Although it was a very one sided match, several singles matches may have broken records for the number of balls played in relation to games earned. The two on court the longest were captains Margaret Anne Smith (number 4 singles) and Samantha Peikes (number 2 singles).  Margaret Anne played over two hours rallying hundreds of shots with Serena Le but she was not able to string enough points together for a game. Sam played offensive tennis against Lara Rakolevic, keeping the ball in play for a minimum of 10-12 exchanges before her opponent was able to "one better" her.

Smith's lone singles point came from the number three position where Joanna Kim had the walkover victory when MIT opponent Sharlene Song had to pull out due to injury. 

The one-sided scores for the Beavers did  not tell the doubles story since the doubles players for Smith looked the best they have looked all season.  Solid improvement in doubles is good news with the NEWITT right around the corner. 

Smith takes on Clark University Wednesday, October 5.