Thursday, March 22, 2012

Smith Continues To Compete On Hilton Head Island vs Allegheny and Wisconsin Eau Claire

Smith College Tennis started their Thursday match play on Hilton Head Island versus Allegheny College. Smith started with singles in the first match of a double header. Clair Oblamski and Gianna Teague went down quickly in their respective matches but all others fought for over two hours before the match was decided. Jordan Dubin was the outstanding player of this match and the only singles victor. She kept the spectators on the edge of their seats as she exchanged penetrating ground strokes with her opponent winning the majority of her games with power and punishing angles. 10 point tiebreakers were played for all third sets third sets while on the island and the Smith singles players Jordan Dubin, Jaimi Inskeep and Grace McKay-Corkum all went three sets but it was only Jordan who came up with a win. The team rallied as best they could after singles but with the match decided, it was difficult to get up for the doubles and Smith went down in all doubles. The final match score was 8-1 for Smith.

The temperature was over 80 degrees on Hilton Head Island as the team entered their second match of the day vs Wisconsin Eau Claire. This time, Smith started with doubles. The Wisconsin team prevailed winning all three of the doubles matches. In singles, however, Smith held their ground fighting for each point and never showing any signs of giving up. Once again, two of the Smith players (Jaimie Inskeep and Grace McKay Corkum) found themselves in tiebreakers but neither one could convert a win. Clair Oblamski and Bayla Weick did find the right combination of tactics and strategy to bring in the two wins for the Pioneers. The final match score was 7-2 for the Wisconsin team.

Smith returns to action at 8am to play Nebraska Wesleyan in the final dual match for Smith while on spring break.