Friday, March 23, 2012

Smith wins 8-1 in Final Match On Hilton Head Island

Smith College Tennis players had an outstanding match against Nebraska Wesleyan on Friday to conclude their spring break competition. Smith won the match 8-1 but the score was no indication of how tight the match was with the Nebraska team. Smith started with singles and Clair Oblamski dominated 5 singles winning in 45 minutes. Clair was flawless in her execution of strokes and strategy as she took the match 6-0, 6-0. At that point, it looked as though it might be an easy victory for Smith but things heated up as Gianna Teague, Jordan Dubin and Grace McKay-Corkum all went three sets. Each fought through soreness and tiredness from the intense week of competition to win the third sets in match tiebreakers. Jaimi Inskeep (3 singles) and Bayla Weick (4 singles) endured long singles matches. Jaimi finally succumbed to Tara Maloley in a long 4-6, 4-6 battle where Bayla was able to outlast her opponent with a 6-4,6-4 victory. The Pioneers captured the victory when Grace McKay-Corkum pulled out her three set victory at number 6 singles. The Smith team entered doubles with a 5-1 lead and new partner combinations at number 1 and 2 doubles. Jaimi Inskeep and Gianna Teague reunited on the doubles court to dominate Mota and Dickmiller 8-5. Clair Oblamski and Jordan Dubin partnered for the first time defeating Maloley and Hussmann handily. The veteran team of Allie Ryan and Julia Signell came through with the final win giving Smith an 8-1 victory. The Smith College Tennis Team ended their spring competitive tour on a high note and will be returning to campus on Sat. Their next date of competition will be March 31 at Mount Holyoke College versus Connecticut College.