Monday, May 20, 2013

Tennis Reunion Time At Smith

The 135th Smith College commencement took place this past Sunday, May 19, with all of the traditional receptions, dinners and special events over the course of the weekend. It was an exciting time for all graduating seniors and returning alums. On the other side of the campus on Saturday, after the Ivy Day celebration, there was another special event: the annual Smith tennis alumnae gathering. This is not a traditional reception where visiting and eating were the main activities; this was a round robin tennis event where players from as early as 1988 competed with recent grads, family and friends.  Let's hear it for that great lifetime sport of tennis! The afternoon was a wonderful sharing of memories, both recent and past. If you know of any alumnae who are eager to catch up with Smith Tennis, please let them know that we have a facebook page to remember our history. (smithcollegetennisalums) We plan to hold this event annually!
There will be a similar tennis gathering on Saturday, May 25 during the second reunion weekend. Please join us at the outdoor courts fron 2:30-4pm if you are on campus or in the area.