Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Smith Tennis Is Ready For The Fall Of 2013

After a long break, Smith Tennis is back on the courts and is ready for the competition! This year, Smith Tennis is welcoming a vibrant and passionate group of six new players to join our amazing six returning players. Smith Tennis is grateful to have fresh spirit and energy! Pre-season started on August 26th, which consisted of two sessions per day. The players, thrilled for the season, show their enthusiasm and perseverance on the court. They all work really hard to improve their game every day. We have recently added a physical-conditioning component that requires a lot of lifting and jumping. It is a 7-minute workout, short but very intense and it involves squats, lunges, pull-ups, push-ups, and others. However, pre-season was a time for fun and bonding activities! Amidst the US Open, the team got together to watch some matches. There is no doubt that the US Open has served as an inspiration for the team. There is great chemistry among the members of Smith Tennis and they all share passion and determination. Smith Tennis looks forward for this coming season and the great experiences ahead!