Thursday, September 19, 2013

Smith Tennis Hosted Wellesley in Season Opener, Fall2013

Smith Tennis had their opening match against Wellesley College on Saturday, September 7th. To base Smith’s success on the score would be erroneous. Although Smith Tennis was beaten by Wellesley 9-0, the numbers do not talk about the whole-hearted and resilient fight that every player of Smith Tennis had. Smith Tennis gave it all on the court and proudly, sportsmanship accompanied every point in every game. One match is behind and there are others ahead. In spite of the loss, all players agreed that the match against Wellesley was a learning experience for the next matches. They are all working hard on different strategies and are determined to be stronger. Smith Tennis is once again driven by positivity, passion, determination and persistence. There is a lot to look forward to in this season. Each player of Smith Tennis possesses astounding skills and amazing potential. Most importantly, they all share companionship and encourage one another. It is remarkable how unified the team is this year, especially three weeks since the beginning of pre-season. Our success as a team this season may not be reflected by the ending score, it is represented by our foundation of continual growth as competitors and teammates. This foundation proved to be strengthened during this match and will give us the humble morale needed to stay strong for rest of the season.
The next match of Smith Tennis will not be until September 21st hosting Babson College. On September 22nd, Smith will head off to Norton, MA to play against Wheaton College. A double header weekend! Check our blog for more updates about Smith Tennis!