Friday, April 18, 2014

Smith Tennis, Spring 2014

This site has been badly neglected this year since the author has been recovering from medical leave. The team, however, has continued to work together, improve dramatically, enjoy each other and boldly and proudly represent Smith Tennis and Smith College. They are heading into their final spring match on Saturday, April 19 and we invite anyone in the area who may read this blog to come and join us. The match is scheduled for 2pm at the outdoor courts of Smith (weather permitting). Smith is hosting Roger Williams. You will find this Smith team fun to watch on court, enthusiastic and dedicated. Players to watch include Kelli Cheung at number one. Watch out if you are on the other side of the net from her when she sets up for a forehand. It will be swift and decisive. Keep an eye on Margaret Anne Smith. She will get to every ball and just when you think you have the point, she will surprise you and get the ball back! Ruth Yi is our captain. Multi-talented, you may never know the shot that Ruth will fire at you. She can drive, roll angle topspin or lob when you least expect it. Seema Samawi and Kathryn Dernbach bring their experience to the table as well. Our lone senior, Jinan Martiuk has an unorthodox style that often unnerves her opponent. She is cagey and competitive and tough to beat. Keep an eye on our other first years and first year competitors as well. They are providing the depth, talent and fresh enthusiasm so needed to develop a great team. The team looks to compound their strength, experience and, hopefully, wins this coming fall as all but Jinan will be returning. In addition, we welcome Jordan Dubin back from her year abroad and she will be joined by the incoming recruits. She is our talented player/captain who will give additional strength at the top of the line-up. Smith Tennis looks to end this season strong and prepare for an even better fall! Stay tuned on this site. It is back in action!