Sunday, March 29, 2015

Smith Challenges Connecticut College and Simmons But Cannot Secure The Win.

The Smith Tennis Team hosted Connecticut College Saturday, March 28 and Simmons College on March 29.  The final match score on both days both was 2-7 but the competition each day was much closer then the scores indicate.  Both matches were started with the national anthem sung by Margaret Anne Smith.  Her beautiful voice resonates through the Indoor Track and Tennis Facility offering an inspiring appropriate start to match play.

On Saturday, the Camels from Connecticut arrived to the Smith campus after losing 3-6 to MHC but their spirits were not dampened as they shut out Smith in doubles and gained 4 victories in singles. At one point Smith had the upper hand on the third doubles court. Seema Samawi and Kelli Cheung were up 7-4 but failed to close out the match allowing the Conn. College pair to rally back for a 9-7 victory.  Co-captains Jordan Dubin and Ruth Yi took the number 2 doubles to a tiebreak but the duo could not convert the win ultimately losing 7-9 in the tiebreak.  In singles, Samantha Peikes and Seema Samawi settled the score with two well fought wins. Sam's courageous rush and crush style served her well against Warren from Conn. College as Sam turned a 7-5, 4-6 split set into a victory by capturing the deciding tiebreaker 10-6. Seema fought through her first set with new found patience to defeat Conn College's Kalia with a 7-6 (7-5 breaker) before cruising to a decisive 6-1 second set for the win.

Sunday, Smith returned to their home courts to take on Simmons College.  Even though Smith juggled line-up combinations, Simmon's doubles were too strong for the Pioneers leaving Smith down 0-3 at the start of singles. Dubin was forced to withdraw in singles because of a foot injury. Everyone stepped up a position and Ruth Yi entered the line up at number 5 singles. This was Ruth's singles debut after her ankle injury. Hopefully, with a few days rest, Jordan will re-enter the starting line-up on Friday, April 3.  Seema Samawi had a repeat winning performance in singles against Khoury.  Seema's  back to back victories were highlight singles wins for the senior who has served as a loyal member to the Smith Tennis Team all four years.  Margaret Anne Smith re-joined the winning ranks by posting a solid straight set victory over Downey of Simmons. Margaret Anne played with her patient and persistent style outlasting her opponent with a 6-2, 6-1 victory at number 3 singles.

Looking forward to this view!
Smith Tennis will host Colby-Sawyer in the afternoon on Friday, April 3.  Please join us if you are in the vicinity.