Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Break in Newport, Rhode Island Proved a Smashing Success!

Smith Tennis had a decisive 9-0 victory against Salve Regina on Monday, March 16 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Smith College Tennis Team at Newport, RI
Rebounding from the loss to Bates at the end of February, the Smith Tennis Team began to re-group prior to their spring break trip.  The team re-evaluated and reviewed their mission and goals and, as the sport psychologists say about forming cohesive groups, did some new "forming" and "storming" in order to start "performing".

The team adjusted their departure schedule from Smith on Sunday and weathered the cold and windy conditions to arrive in time to cheer for Smith lacrosse.  The lacrosse team also had a weekend match against Salve Regina.

Team members made many sacrifices over the course of the mini break except in terms of cuisine.  Nutrition was a priority and the team took full advantage of the opportunities offered.  From sushi to cheesecake to co-captain Ruth's culinary skills, the team dined in high fashion forming a stronger bond with every meal!

The weekend weather was not yet ready to cooperate for tennis and the tennis team was forced indoors for practice on Sunday and match play on Monday.  The short one hour intense warm up/practice session seemed to energize the group late Sunday afternoon in preparation for match play the following day.

Salve Regina was unable to clear their courts of the snow and ice on Monday and all agreed to play indoors in Providence.  Everyone on the team cooperated with location changes, line-up changes, and doubles partnership changes in order to allow the majority of players a chance to compete.  It is often said that the most valuable members of a team are the ones who can stay positive and make contributions to the team while on the bench.  Ruth Yi, Andrea Tanco and Anje Block should be commended for their positive contribution to the team from the sidelines.

The team was ready when they struck the first ball in doubles against the Seahawks on Monday and the momentum carried over into the singles with all but one player for the Pioneers winning in straight sets.  Smith Tennis showed their support for one another and their on-court competitive potential on March 16 with a solid 9-0 victory.

Smith faces Connecticut College and Simmons at home on March 27 and 28 respectively.  Come join us and see this team in action if you are in the area.