Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ready To Begin In Spring, 2016

The Smith College Tennis Team has returned to campus for second semester and they are eagerly awaiting the start of the spring season.  Registered for classes, volunteering with intercollegiate events in house and community service projects, the team is immersed in activity.  The tennis season begins on February 15 and with it will be a slightly different look.  Key player from the fall starting line up,  Annina van Riper,  is sidelined with reconstructive ankle surgery and rehab time.  Lena Robinson will be joining the team.   Although Annina will be off court this semester, she still is fully invested with the team, planning our annual fund raiser to be held Sunday, March 6. (Details coming shortly). We wish Annina speedy recovery and we welcome Lena.

Captain Samantha Peikes
Dana Smith
The returning players are seasoned from first semester competition and seem eager to get on court.  Samantha Peikes, captain, will lead the team into the first match on Saturday, Feb 27 against Curry College.  The match is home and starts at 12n.  You are certainly invited to be in attendance as the Pioneers kick off their spring tennis season.